New 2024 Edition

The Perfect Quick Reference For Healthcare Professionals


  • ACLS Algorithms
  • ECG Rhythms
  • Normal Lab Values
  • Notes and Orders
  • Obstetrics and Pediatrics
  • History and Physical Exam
  • Neurological Exam
  • Personal Notes
  • Eye Charts
  • Rulers

Two Convenient Sizes

What’s Inside?

Essential Information for Healthcare Professionals

ACLS Algorithms

Critical cardiac emergency protocols for advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) interventions

ECG Rhythms

Identification and interpretation of common electrocardiogram (ECG) patterns indicating cardiac conditions

Normal Lab Values

Reference values for common laboratory tests to assess overall health and diagnose medical conditions.

Notes and Orders

Note outlines for patient admissions, treatment progress, surgical procedures, and discharge

OB and Pediatrics

Scoring exams and note formats for everyday obstetric and pediatric care

History and Physical

Detailed history and physical exam outlines including labs and imaging

Neuro and Dermatomes

Neuro exam, mental status exam, and complete dermatome maps with root and nerve levels

Eye Charts and Rulers

Snellen and tumbling E eye charts along with handy inch and centimeter rulers

Pocket Size Book

Our pocket size version is a perfect fit for your busy “on the go” medical lifestyle.

Tech Specs:
Height: 5.5 in / 14 cm
Width: 3.5 in / 8.9 cm
Thickness: 0.5 in / 1.3 cm
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ISBN 978-0-9645191-6-9

Desk Size Book

Get our easy to read full-size version. Perfect for every desk or workstation.

Tech Specs:
Height: 8.5 in / 21.6 cm
Width: 5.25 in / 13.3 cm
Thickness: 0.5 in / 1.3 cm
Weight: 2.4 oz / 68 g
ISBN 978-0-9645191-7-6

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